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Wood circle necklace with tiger-eye

  • EUR: € 25.57
Wood unisex circle necklace with genuine tiger-eye stone. The necklace made of apple wood with metal inlay. One of a

Fish shaped necklace with malachite

  • EUR: € 25.57
Fish shaped necklace in boho style with natural malachite gemstone. The one of a kind fish necklace made of cherry

Teardrop necklace with mother of pearl

  • EUR: € 25.57
Teardrop hippie necklace with mother of pearl flower. This necklace made one of a kind of apricot wood with metal

Heart shaped necklace with carnelian

  • EUR: € 25.57
Wooden heart shaped necklace with genuine carnelian stone. The necklace made one of a kind from apple wood with metal

Sun pendant with fluorite crystal

  • EUR: € 57.11
Wooden sun pendant made of locust wood with raw fluorite crystal inside. Charge with energy of sun! One of a

Semi circle necklace with carnelian

  • EUR: € 76.72
Semi circle necklace with carnelian made of walnut with nickel silver inlay. One of a kind. A chain made of

Wooden bolo tie with jasper

  • EUR: € 38.36
Wooden hand carved bolo tie with jasper made of walnut. Dimensions: the pendant is 1.4 x 2 in /3,5 x

Double pendant with nacre

  • EUR: € 38.36
Double wooden pendant with nacre made of walnut inlaid with nickel silver. Dimensions: the pendant is 2.2 x 2.4 in

Wooden necklace with phlogopite

  • EUR: € 51.14
One of a kind wooden necklace with phlogopite made of beech with bronze wire inlay. Dimensions: the pendant is 1.6

Wood pendant with eudialyte

  • EUR: € 59.67
Exquisite wood pendant with bright purple gemstone eudialyte made of hevea wood with silver, bronze and malachite inlay. Dimension: 1.8

Wooden geometric pendant with coral

  • EUR: € 45.18
The wooden geometric design pendant made of walnut with brass and coral inlays. One of a kind. The pendant is

Wooden pendant with floral ornament

  • EUR: € 38.36
This wooden oval pendant with floral ornament made of walnut inlaid with brass, green marble and coral. One of a