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double pendant with nacre

Double pendant with nacre

  • EUR: € 37.78
Double wooden pendant with nacre made of walnut inlaid with nickel silver. Dimensions: the pendant is 2.2 x 2.4 in

Teardrop necklace with mother of pearl

  • EUR: € 25.19
Teardrop hippie necklace with mother of pearl flower. This necklace made one of a kind of apricot wood with metal
wood brooch with white flower

Wood brooch with white flower

  • EUR: € 58.77
Wood women brooch with white mother of pearl flower, metal, malachite, coral inlay. The brooch made of walnut one of

Wood teardrop pendant with flower

  • EUR: € 50.37
Wood teardrop shaped women pendant with mother of pearl flower, metal and malachite inlay. The pendant made of apple wood