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Apple shaped jewelry box with malachite inlay

  • EUR: € 171.70
Apple shaped nature theme jewelry box. The box made of genuine jujube hardwood with metal, mother of pearl, malachite, ceramic

Calcite stone necklace with eudialyte

  • EUR: € 66.77
A free form minimalistic calcite raw stone necklace with eudialyte gemstone inlay. Special colors and grains, paired with a raw

Cherry hair fork with nacre

  • EUR: € 143.08
Cherry wood hair fork inlaid with nacre and nickel silver. Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.3 in /12,5 x 8,5 cm. The

Double pendant with nacre

  • EUR: € 42.93
Double wooden pendant with nacre made of walnut inlaid with nickel silver. Dimensions: the pendant is 2.2 x 2.4 in

Fish shaped necklace with malachite

  • EUR: € 28.62
Fish shaped necklace in boho style with natural malachite gemstone. The one of a kind fish necklace made of cherry

Granite stone necklace with citrine

  • EUR: € 76.31
A long minimalistic raw stone necklace made of granite with citrine gemstone inlay. Special colors and grains, paired with a

Green sandalwood comb with jasper

  • EUR: € 62.00
Green sandalwood hair comb with jasper and nickel silver inlay. The teeth made rounded to ensure smooth and comfortable combing.

Hair pin with lapis lazuli

  • EUR: € 33.39
Hair pin with lapis lazuli inlay made of birchwood and oakwood. Dimensions: 5.7 in /14,5 at length, the prongs are

Hand carved wooden spoon

  • EUR: € 33.39
Hand carved wooden spoon from larch wood decorated with stylized image of a fish. The eyes of the fish made

Heart shaped necklace with carnelian

  • EUR: € 28.62
Wooden heart shaped necklace with genuine carnelian stone. The necklace made one of a kind from apple wood with metal

Heart shaped necklace with flowers

  • EUR: € 52.46
Wood heart shaped women necklace with flowers and botanic design. The pendant made of apple wood inlaid with brass, nickel

Heart shaped necklace with malachite

  • EUR: € 38.16
Wooden heart shaped hand carved necklace with malachite inlay made of elm wood. One of a kind. Dimensions: the pendant