Wooden wall hanging art

What materials are best suited for interior decoration? An important question that arises for everyone who is puzzled by thoughts about the convenience, environmental friendliness and beauty of their home.

Why wood?

There are many ideas, tips, opinions on this topic. But all of them somehow come to one thing: the most universal material for decorating a house is wood. Why do experts prefer wood rather than fabrics, ceramics, plastic or metal, although these materials are also used, but not so widely and varied?

The answer lies in the ever greater distance from nature of modern man living in a digital metropolis. Not in terms of progress associated with the development of technology. But in the desire for fresh air, natural products and outdoor walks, which are becoming less.

This situation can be traced in almost all developed countries. This explains the massive creation of eco-markets around the world, the spread of such a concept as “natural products”, as well as the emergence of a huge number of interior decorations from natural materials, in particular from wood. And wood fulfills all the tasks assigned to today’s architects and designers – functionally, aesthetically, firmly and naturally.

wall hanging hummingbird art

But the main factor in the popularity of wood in modern interiors is its amazing texture. The very look of a real wood adds a piece of nature to any room. The presence of a wooden texture in the surroundings is very pleasing to the eye. And the color and a slightly perceptible smell compensate the person for the abundance of gadgets and televisions.

After the market was sufficiently filled with wooden products for the interior, the demand for the artistic and conceptual component increased, the wood itself was not enough. The answer was the appearance of a whole artistic direction called wooden wall hanging home decor or wooden decorative panels.

Due to the specific equipment and the corresponding conditions, it is difficult to make decorative panel at home from improvised materials. Therefore, this type of wooden home decor does not fall into the category of mass market hand-made and do-it-ourself, but is an exclusive work, not designed for the mass consumer. Wooden inlaid wall art made for those who appreciate, on the one hand, minimalism and laconicism of artistic solutions, on the other hand, the richness of color and texture. Wooden decorative panels are the embodiment of the idea​ he unity of natural material and conceptual art, which looks like an integral part of the modern interior.

wooden inlaid abstract art

The advantages of wooden wall hanging art.

Here are the distinctive characteristics of wooden panels that distinguish them from decorations made of other materials.

  • Eco-riendly. For creating our wood wall art decor we use only a solid wood, as the most natural, clean and durable material for decorating a house from all possible analogues.
  • Originality. A distinctive feature of each product is its exclusivity and dissimilarity to each other. Even if the sizes and number of parts match, then due to the unique pattern, texture, tone and color, each wood  decorative panel is unique.

The presence of a wood in our lives is an ancient tradition. Throughout its existence, mankind was in one way or another surrounded by objects made of wood, whether it was a hut, furniture, dishes, implements of household and household goods. Wood is an integral companion of our life and part of our being. A modern person wants to have something natural, simple, real in his interior, but at the same time that meets the modern idea of art and design.

The wooden wall hanging art is a universal decision for any modern house. The structure of the composition allows you to adapt the decorative panel to any interior: choose the size, shape, style and color for a specific place and task.

We have been creating such a wood wall art decor for private interiors for about twenty years. Our works always  receive positive feedback and delight their owners.

So you can order available wall hanging wood art in our shop or contact us if you have your own ideas about wooden home decoration. Custom orders accepted and we will be happy to create something special to decorate your home with wooden wall compositions.

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